Heres Our Story

The idea to design and develop, was born due to difficulties Nigerians (both businesses and consumers) face, when it comes to doing business online. The issue of fraud has affected almost every aspect of the Nigerian economy. Virtually every bank has a warning notice on their website warning customers about potential impostors and phishing attempts.

Heres Our Solution is securely designed to enable businesses in Nigeria with online presence to increase visitor confidence on their websites. At the same time, enable website visitors to make more informed purchase decisions. In additioon to our Trust Seals, also provides customer feedback and rating services to our clients. This feature enables website owners to provide customers with reliable feedback that is administered by a third party. Businesses can display the feedback directly on their website through the use of our API.

We are poised to be the benchmark for verifying the authenticity of any Nigerian business online, developed to counter the threats Nigerian businesses face daily from fraudulent practices. We estimate Nigerian businesses (both online retailers and location-based businesses) loose over 5Billion Naira annually due to fraudulent practices by scammers, hackers etc. Our "Verified Website" seal provides customers trust guarantee enabling them to do business with businesses with extra safety and confidence in mind. utilises innovative technologies and algorithms to provide businesses with customer insight, statistics and ways to monitor customer perception of a service, business or product. is positioned to help businesses regain their presence online, boost customer confidence and increase their returns on investment (ROI).

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